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Every spring each student has the opportunity to reflect on how they are progressing towards academic and vocational goals here at Shelton High. These goals are best set with reflection based on interest, aptitudes and insights gained in recent experience and achievements. Intentionally reviewing these goals while planning for the anticipated future will definitely make plans that help goals turn into reality.

We design our course catalog to help guide students with their planning. In addition to ensuring students meet graduation requirements, students should also prepare themselves for life beyond high school. A well thought out and thorough four-year plan can provide direction for students while in high school and, of course, help with the transition to their dreams for the future. This document, their CSI teacher and their counselor are additional resources for a successful, challenging and relevant plan.

As we all know, even the best plans need review. Please take the time to develop a clear four-year plan that is amended as needed every year to match academic needs and interests. Pay particular attention to registering for classes that will enhance a future career or explore an interest area. Remember that after making a plan, the commitment is to follow through. The future is not something that happens to us, it is something we actively do. The staff of Shelton High is here to educate, assist and support your goals and planning.

Of special note: Classes will only be offered if there is enough student interest to fill the class and if there is staff availability. For that reason, it is imperative to select alternative classes that could be a reasonable replacement should a first choice not be offered. In addition, schedules are rarely changed since the Master Schedule is based on the requested course selections made by the students in the spring. Our mission is student success. Taking the time to carefully plan next year's schedule will assure success in the future.

Please find the link below for a CTE video . The video showcases our programs and the opportunities that are offered through our courses.

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