Cadet TRIAD and Department Head Info


Commanding Officer - c/LT Keenan Moore
“The job of the CO is to ensure the health of and general welfare of the unit in its entirety, working with the instructors.”

Executive Officer - c/ENS Silas Elliott

"My job as the Executive Officer is to ensure the CO's orders are carried out as well as oversee the cadet staff, I also fill in for her whenever she is absent"

Command Senior Chief - c/SCPO Ryan Covert

“The Senior Chief’s job is to ensure the well-being of the enlisted personnel and to bridge the gap between the CO and her people”.


Operations Officer - c/PO3 Lane Weisenbaugh

“The Operations department is in charge of planning all events over the course of the year, getting all of the gear prepared for said events, making sure that everyone is where they need to be when they need to be, and that they have everything they need to ensure that the mission gets accomplished. This department also makes LOIs and memorandums to keep track of all events to better prepare for the Annual Military Inspection better known as AMI, and anything else we need throughout the year.” 

Administrative Officer - c/CPO Logan McCaslin

“I am responsible for overseeing the administration department, in which we work to ensure an accurate clerical account of the company.  We also work to administer advancement tests, and provide recommendations for advancements and awards."
Public Affairs Officer - c/PO3 Irene Diaz
My job is to oversee and maintain all the officers and projects in my department as well and work with members of the community to keep our unit involved and supported”

Supply Officer - c/PO2 Cierra Quidachay
“My responsibilities are to maintain and ensure the upkeep of supply, as well as ensure it stays consistent along with keeping a count of all Items the Company owns, which includes Uniforms, Rifles, PT gear, and other gear we hand out to Cadets and use at drill meets.”