Cadet Staff Info

Commanding Officer - C/LCDR Alexis Young

My name is Lexi Young and I am the Commanding Officer (CO) of Climber Company! As the CO, I am at the top of the chain of command and am the person most responsible for the health and welfare of the unit. It's not a lighthearted job. I have to maintain respect, responsibility, and diligence to make sure that Climber Company runs smoothly from our newest recruit to our highest ranking officers.
After high school, I plan on attending the University of Washington for NROTC! Being in Climber company inspired me to succeed in the college atmosphere. I am very grateful to have spent four years in NJROTC and am proud to serve as CO.

Executive Officer - C/LT Sirius James

I am Cadet Lieutenant Sirius James, the Executive Officer of Shelton Climber Company. My duties include supervising and the leading the cadet staff, and I also ensure the unit functions properly and effectively. All officers on company staff report to me; and I direct and guide them toward becoming efficient workers and effective leaders.
This year, I am a senior in the NJROTC program. After graduation, I plan to attend the University of Washington and study Political Science through the NROTC Marine Option Program. Upon graduation, I intend on commissioning as a 2nd LT in the Marine Corps.
In my free time, I enjoy running Cross Country and Track and spending time with my family.

Command Senior Chief - C/SCPO Fernando Salamanca

Hello, I’m Cadet Senior Chief Petty Officer Salamanca Fernando. As the company Senior Chief, I am in charge of taking care of the enlisted cadets. I directly oversee all the Chiefs in the company. I was the First Lieutenant for one year, prior to becoming Senior Chief. I also have been on the drill team for four years.

I am a senior at Shelton Highschool and am currently taking classes that will benefit me i for a career in law. Outside of school, I work at Safeway Inc. I spend my time off enjoying my time with family and friends. I am very active and love to run.

Operations Officer - C/ENS Hunter Middleton

Hello, I’m Cadet Ensign Hunter Middleton. As the Operations Officer I am in charge of planning, coordinating and conducting events within the NJROTC program. I also oversee the Teams Coordinator and First Lieutenant in their respective duties. I have held the position of Academics Officer for one year, and Operations Assistant for half a year. I am currently a junior at Shelton High School and this is my third year in NJROTC. For my senior year I aspire to be the Commanding Officer of the Shelton NJROTC, and if not Commanding Officer, the Executive Officer is another position I strive for. I have had many great experiences but some of the key aspects are the leadership and job opportunities presented within. After graduating from highschool, I plan to join the US Army as a Combat Medic and serve until the age of 60 which is when I must retire.  

Administrative Officer - C/CPO Stephen Gonczi

I am Cadet Chief Petty Officer Gonczi. I am the Administrative Officer of Shelton NJROTC; my duties involve the management of unit paperwork pertaining to awards and promotions along with the unit's activities in community service and certain areas or academia
I am currently a senior with this being my 4th year in NJROTC. I plan to join the Navy after I graduate and become a Nuclear Engineer.

Public Affairs Officer - C/ENS Emma Gordham

As the Public Affairs Officer, I am responsible for developing a working relationship with organizations outside and inside the community, and keeping those organizations informed of current and future events. I previously held the positions of Community Service Officer, Recruiting Office, and Supply Officer. I am also involved in Color Guards, Armed Drill Team, and am currently the Unarmed Drill Team Commander. I enjoy NJROTC because it surrounds me with good people, and it has taught me discipline and organization.
I am a senior at Shelton High School, and have been actively involved in the schools Drama Club, and Swim Team for 4 years. I plan to go to college and study Political Science. Outside of school, I work at Tides restaurant, and enjoy my time off by hanging out with my family or hiking.

Supply Officer - C/CPO Josiah Sushak

My name is Josiah Sushak. I have been Climber Company's supply officer since the end of the 2019 school year. As the cadet in charge of government property leased to Climber Company, I am responsible for keeping an accurate inventory. Furthermore, I am charged with issuing and caring for uniform items as described by the rules and regulations governing the NJROTC.
On a personal note, I enjoy participation in the running start program South Puget Sound Community college, pursuing an Associate of Arts Degree.