Running Start Information

Steps for new Running Start student(s), 

  1. Go to the website of the college you wish to attend.  All of the colleges have Running Start Virtual information sessions. Please attend one prior to registration. There is much information to be learned about this program.  SHS counselors will also be scheduling Zoom Running Start orientation meetings during April and May. These will be posted on Google classroom for the Class of 2022 and 2023.
  2. Go to the college website and fill out an application to the college as a Running Start student. (Please DO NOT fill out the regular college application - because the college will send you a large bill for classes!!) There is no cost to filling out and submitting the application for the community or tech colleges.
  3. Students will be given a college student ID.  Students will then need to sign up online on the college website to take the Accuplacer test for Reading, Writing and Math.  The Accuplacer tests are distance ed sessions right now. There is a fee for the tests - approx $20 - $25.  IF you are free or reduced lunch eligible, the fee is lower per the college.  Running start funds DO NOT cover the Accuplacer. There are some options for the Accuplacer.
  4. Reading/Writing Accuplacer options - AP or IB English grades of a B or better on high school transcripts, SBA scores – grade 10 -Level 3 in ELA, PSAT scores in reading/writing, SAT scores in reading/writing, ACT scores in reading/writing (colleges determine score requirements.)  Math Accuplacer options – Algebra 2 or Pre Calculus grades of a B or better on high school transcripts, PSAT, SAT or ACT math scores (colleges determine score requirements.)
  5. Students will bring the Accuplacer scores (or options)- to SHS counselor - be sure to make an appointment  first. SHS students have plenty of time because new student registration begins at the end of April/ beginning of May and continues until the first week of September.  School counselors will work with students to determine which classes students may need to take at SHS and which courses students qualify to take at the college. Students will also review how many credits that Running Start covers tuition for.  The number of classes students may take at the college and high school add together, and there is a maximum limit.
  6. THEN, students will sign a Running Start contract with their SHS school counselor, so everyone is very clear on what the class equivalencies are and what costs and responsibilities are required by student, parent, high school counselor and college counselor.  SHS counselors will go over a form called an RSEV – which is the approval for college courses and tuition payment through Running Start.
  7. After those decisions are all completed, students will need to sign up for an appointment to process a form called an RSEV to the college Running Start advisor. Some colleges require a Zoom meeting for this purpose.  The RSEV needs to be signed by the SHS student, parent, high school counselor and then the college running start advisor. It is a multi-step process, especially during these distance ed COVID precautionary times.
  8. Students will then sign up for college classes on the college registration site from their college email accounts.
  9. After registration, students will purchase books, supplies, pay fees and purchase any equipment needed for your college classes.  Running start funds only cover course tuition, so all other costs are paid by the student or the family. **Costs can run from $300 - $800 per trimester. 
  10. SHS Counselors will offer Zoom meetings before college registration to check in to ensure that students and parents know what Running start is about and how students want to make the best use of the program. There are lots of options.
  11. If students have further questions, please let SHS counselors know.  We are scheduling Zoom meetings in April and May. Stay tuned to the Google Classroom pages for Class of 2022 and 2023 for those Zooms. 
  12. For further information or questions or to contact your school counselor: 


Last Names A-G: Ms. Shawn Ames   [email protected]

Last Names H-N: Ms. Diana Gerla    [email protected]

Last Names O-Z: Ms. Carol Benek   [email protected]