Running Start Student's HSBP Guidelines

22-23 High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP) Guidelines for Seniors +    Running Start and Beyond

Senior Advisors will evaluate 5 key criteria of the HSBP. Full time Running start students will work with school counselors-  serving in an advisor role – to help with HSBP.

These 5 Criteria are:

1.      Personalized College/Career plan that includes financial planning
a.  What are you going to do after high school?
b.  If college, how are you going to pay for it?
*FAFSA, WASFA, Scholarships, Grants, Guardian Support, Work part-time

2. Completion of the YouScience interest/aptitude assessment at 

You can also Google You Science

*IF you had an advisory at SHS during the junior year, you may already have an id and password.  

*IF you do NOT have an account, students will need an activation code- ask your advisory teacher or school counselor. 

* Please save and send or include results in slide show or presentation to advisor or school counselor (advisory contact).

 3.          Resume-  There are many excellent websites that will assist you in creating a good resume.  You will need to turn in a resume for completion of your High School and Beyond Plan.  Students will need to have a resume for many purposes in life - job applications, community service opportunities, college admissions, scholarships and recommendation requests… etc

4.    Discussion with Advisory teacher (or SHS counselor for Running Start students) about the coursework taken throughout High School and how it supports your HSBP (critical for those using a Personalized Pathway for waiving 2 credits of World Language and/or 1.0 Art)

5.   My School Data - Students must complete the graduation requirements on-line PLUS the questions-( in a realistic and/or serious way.) You may Google My School Data and designate

Shelton High School.  Your password and ID are the same as your Skyward password and ID.

Advisors will be determining whether the student meets all or some criteria. Advisors See Tracking Sheet on Google Drive – please enter students’ names upon completion.

DUE DATE - March 29th  - Students are free to complete this early!! Contact your advisor or high school counselor

We want to be flexible with student’s situations so a myriad of presentation types are available. It authentically can be a video, a PowerPoint, Google slides, a portfolio, a conference, a Zoom, etc .  Advisory teachers need to be able to save the HSBP in a cumulative file as demonstration of completion.

Evaluation will be with Advisory teacher or SHS school counselor for Running start students. 

Once the HSBP is completed, the Advisory teacher will sign off using the HSBP tracking sheet. Counselors will update the Educational Milestone on their transcript.  

IF you have any questions or need further information, please email your school counselor or advisory teacher.

Emails for SHS school counselors are:

Ms. Shawn Ames – school counselor for students with last names A – G  grades 10 - 12 [email protected]

Ms. Diana Gerla – school counselor for students with last names H – N  grades 10 - 12   [email protected]

Ms. Carol Benek-  school counselor for students with last names O – Z   grades 10 - 12   [email protected]

TBD - grade 9 school counselor [email protected]

Phone number for Shelton High School is 360-426-4471. Ask for the person you need and the SHS front desk personnel will transfer calls during school hours - 7:30 am - 3:30 pm.