National Chain of Command

Chain Of Command:

President of the United States- Honorable Joseph Biden

Vice President of the United StatesHonorable Kamala Harris

Secretary of Defense- Honorable Lloyd J. Austin III

Secretary of the Navy- Honorable Carlos Del Toro

Chief of Naval Operations- ADM Michael M. Gilday

Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy- MCPO James Honea

Commandant of the Marine Corps- GEN David H. Berger

Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps- SGT MAJ Troy E. Black

Chief of Naval Education and Training Command- RADM Peter A. Garvin

Naval Service Training Command- RADM Jennifer S. Couture

Area 13 Manager-
 CAPT Daniel Wenceslao 

Superintendent - Mr. Wyeth Jessee

Principal - Mr. Bruce Kipper

Senior Naval Science Instructor (SNSI) - Lieutenant Colonel Brian Harwell, USMC, Ret.

Naval Science Instructor (NSI)- Chief Petty Officer Stephen Gonczi, USN, Ret.