Schedule Change Requests

Schedule Changes Protocol:

Before you ask for a schedule change, you have to meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • You have previously failed a class from a currently assigned teacher.
  • You are a senior who needs a course to meet graduation requirements.
  • You have not met the prerequisite for a scheduled class (as outlined in the Course Catalog).
  • You have a current, documented health issue that requires a change in schedule.
  • You previously took and passed the class.
  • You are currently missing a class or “Doubled-Up” (meaning you have both halves of the same course in 1 single trimester).

The schedule change window for students and teachers opens at 8am on Monday, March 11th. The schedule change window closes at 3pm on Wednesday, March 13th. Due to the volume of requests, please allow your school counselor 2 school days to respond and notify you of the decision. Please check the email you provide for a response from your counselor. All requests are reviewed by a committee to provide uniformity for all. Any denial or late request will need to go to an Administrator. Please see the main office to schedule a denial review meeting by March 18th.

We do all schedule change requests via a Google Form found at this link: