College Admissions

Getting Accepted to Your College

Factors to consider and discuss:
  • LocationDistance from home, weather, urban or rural, etc.
  • Programs Available/School Focus. Are there programs or majors offered here that aren't available at other colleges?
  • Public vs. PrivateA public university’s tuition is subsidized by the state government, so it can sometimes be cheaper.
  • Secular vs. ReligiousYou don’t have to be religious to go to a religious college and you don’t have to go to a religious college to study religion. Some might require attendance at religious services.
  • Diversity. The types of cultures, languages, and people represented on the campus or community.
  • SizeNumber of students, campus size, city population, etc.
  • In-state vs. Out-of-stateIn-state tuition at public schools is usually cheaper than tuition at out-of-state public schools.
  • CostDon't let the listed cost of attendance stop you from applying. The amount you pay depends on a financial aid package, which is offered after you are accepted.
  • SelectivityHow competitive is it to get in? How many new students do they accept each year?
  • 4-year vs. 2-year collegeCommunity colleges offer 2-year degrees with a path to transfer to a 4-year school.

Apply to at least three: Reach, Solid, and Safety
  • Reach – You might not get in, but it’s worth applying because you really want to go.
  • Solid – You’re a competitive applicant and will likely be accepted.
  • Safety – You’ll definitely get accepted, and it’s a backup in case the others don’t work out.


Start making a list of colleges that you are interested in
. What are their admissions deadlines, scholarship opportunities and financial aid deadlines?  Make a calendar to make sure you give yourself plenty of time.

  • Washington College links and deadlines are Here
  • Process of applying and common terms Here
  • Admissions process for a 2 year college Here
  • Admissions process for a 4 year college Here


 Need HELP?  The Career & College Readiness (CCR) Center and the Counseling Center are here to help with any questions you may have.