Scholarship Info




Olympic College Scholarship Foundation

Multiple scholarships provided by Olympic College Foundation for students planning to attend Olympic College. (ONGOING)

South Puget Sound CC- Community Foundation Scholarships

The SPSCC Foundation awarded more than $927,431 in scholarships and grants in 2022. Awards range from $500 to $3,000. All scholarships and grants are awarded contingent upon the availability of funds. Unfortunately, Running Start students are not eligible for Foundation scholarships at this time. (ONGOING)

Grays Harbor CC Foundation Scholarships

The Grays Harbor College Foundation offers two General Scholarship cycles per year to students attending GHC. The Fall Cycle awards are to be utilized in the current academic year and the Spring Cycle awards are to be utilized in the following academic year. Students who meet eligibility requirements can receive up to $5,000 in scholarship awards per academic year.(ONGOING)

 Western Undergraduate Exchange

The Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) is an agreement among WICHE’s 16 members, through which 160+ participating public colleges and universities provide steep nonresident tuition savings for Western students. Click here for the full list of participating WUE schools!

Through WUE, eligible students can choose from hundreds of undergraduate programs outside their home state, and pay no more than 150 percent of that institution’s resident tuition rate.

Since full nonresident college-tuition rates may exceed 300 percent of resident rates, WUE increases affordable higher-education choices for students, and minimizes the adverse impacts of student loan debt.


NEW Shelton Education Association Scholarship (Education)  For graduating HS Seniors who plan to pursue a career in Education.  Due 5/23 5/23 
NEW Hood Canal Educational Association Scholarship.pdf  For graduating HS Seniors who attended Hood Canal SD.  6/2