Career and College Planning Resources

Career Planning

Making a plan for your future can be overwhelming. We are here to help but there are also numerous resources to plan for your future, here are a few links that we think are helpful:

O*Net Online

If you are unsure of what career options are out there, what the salary is and what is education is required for your career option, please visit O*Net Online.

Explore opportunities and information about what the military has to offer you and all of the different branches and options that the US Military has.


Washington College/University Admissions Fees and Deadlines

Washington State Career & Technical Colleges



Registration for the SAT and the ACT is done through an on-line registration system. We recommend that you take either the SAT or the ACT in the spring of the junior year, and then take one of the tests again in the fall of the senior year. Look at the test schedule well ahead of time to avoid paying late fees. Students who meet eligibility guidelines may qualify for a fee waiver. See Jill in the Career Center to request a fee waiver.

Accuplacer or College Placement Test

The Accuplacer, which is also referred to as a College Placement Test, is required if you plan to attend a Community College. Each community college proctors an accuplacer or CPT. Please visit the website of the college you are interested in to get specific dates and requirements. It's always a good idea to study for the test ahead.