Cadet Staff Info

Commanding Officer - C/LCDR Delia Berg
“The job of the CO is to ensure the health of and general welfare of the unit in its entirety, working with the instructors.”

Executive Officer - C/LT Wesson Warmuth
"My job as the Executive Officer is to ensure the CO's orders are carried out as well as oversee the cadet staff, I also fill in for her whenever she is absent"

Command Senior Chief - C/SCPO Jesse Garramone
“The Senior Chief’s job is to ensure the well-being of the enlisted personnel and to bridge the gap between the CO and her people”.

Operations Officer - C/PO3 Britney McDermott

“The Operations department is in charge of planning all events over the course of the year, getting all of the gear prepared for said events, making sure that everyone is where they need to be when they need to be, and that they have everything they need to ensure that the mission gets accomplished. This department also makes LOIs and memorandums to keep track of all events to better prepare for the Annual Military Inspection better known as AMI, and anything else we need throughout the year.” 

Operations Assistant - C/PO3 Constantino

First Lieutenant - C/PO1 James Marbet
"I am in charge of taking inventory for events and making sure we have the correct amount of supplies for events."
Teams Coordinator - C/PO3 Jesica Jose-Jose
"I'm in charge of making sure the drill teams have what they need."

Administrative Officer - C/CPO Jasmine Sanchez

“I am responsible for overseeing the administration department, in which we work to ensure an accurate clerical account of the company.  We also work to administer advancement tests, and provide recommendations for advancements and awards."
Admin Assistant - C/SN Khaysha LeftHandBull
Academics Officer - C/PO2 Allison Philpott
My job is I grade promotion chits and help the Administration officer with anything he needs assistance with"

Athletics Officer - C/PO3 Emiley Beatty
"I am in charge of all NJROTC athletic events and activities including the Strength Team. I work to give out PRT tests and am the Captain of both Strength teams that compete in the competitions at Drill Meets. I am also in charge of giving out PT on Thursdays for the Company."
Athletics Assistant - C/ Phenix Oleachea

Public Affairs Officer - C/CPO Eliza Aguilar
My job is to oversee and maintain all the officers and projects in my department as well and work with members of the community to keep our unit involved and supported”

Public Affairs Assistant - C/SA Hudson-Taijeron
Evaluations Officer - C/SA Soledad Morales

“I am C/SA Morales, I am the Evaluating Officer, this means Awards and Promotion Chits would pass through me, I would make sure they are filled out correctly and make sure the cadet qualifies for the promotion and award.”
8th Grade Liaison Officer - C/CPO Tyttyn Martin
"I am a platoon commander for eight graders, official liaison for objh and shs"

Community Service Officer - C/SA Jude Velasco

"My job is to plan, organize, and oversee community service events and to record cadets community service time."
Recruiting Officer - Stephanie Sorsby
"The Recruiting Officer works to attract and find cadets to work or fill positions within the unit to better the Company and to make sure all jobs are filled to better the Company."

Supply Officer - C/CPO Elliot Vanni
“My responsibilities are to maintain and ensure the upkeep of supply, as well as ensure it stays consistent along with keeping a count of all Items the Company owns, which includes Uniforms, Rifles, PT gear, and other gear we hand out to Cadets and use at drill meets.”
Supply Assistant - Malakai Matthew

Ordinance Officer - C/SA Jesus Alonzo-Tomas

"As the Ordinance Officer, I have received the responsibility of maintaining our gear such as our Rifles."

Technology Officer - C/ Hannah Denton
"My job as the Technology Officer is to Update and Maintain all digital aspects of our Technological equipment, such as updating and maintaining the Website."