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Scholarship brainstorming activity to do with family and friends:

Make a list of everywhere you do business; banks, credit unions, grocery stores, insurance companies, etc. List everywhere you or your family members work or from where they have retired. List all of your favorite activities (turkey hunting, fishing, photography, motocross, skateboarding, etc.). To what organizations do you or your family members belong (Elks, Rotary, NRA, Kiwanis, etc.)? What are your attributes (tall, left-handed, blue-eyed, Irish)? For every answer on that list do an internet search that says, "scholarship for _____________" and fill in the blank with each answer. Check the websites for all of the organizations and businesses. Almost everyone gives some type of scholarship, you just have to have the tenacity to look for them.


Money for college


ELKS Scholarship
Applicants will be judged on academics, service, leadership & financial need
*Note:  Applicants will select from a list of the Lodges closest to their home.  Please choose Bremerton Elks Lodge #1181 as their sponsoring Lodge.  Details at the website below.

Elks Scholarship Website
Deadline to apply:  November 15, 2020

Ewing C Kelly Scholarship

The Kelly Foundation of Washington is pleased to offer the Ewing C. Kelly Scholarship.  High school seniors in the state of Washington are eligible.  If you received this email, your students are eligible.  Applicants will be judged on citizenship, academic achievement and financial need. 
Each award is worth $2,500 and winners will be notified in April.   
Link to the 2020 Manual Form (to print, then handwrite answers, and mail-in):
Printable App
Link to the 2020 Fillable Form (can type directly in the document, then print, and mail-in):
Fillable Form
All applications (with ALL attachments) must be postmarked by March 10, 2021.   (Late or incomplete applications will not be judged).  We do not mail applications to individuals. 


Olympic College Foundation Scholarships Visit

Visit to see if you qualify.