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Please check back frequently for updated information! Also, follow our counselor Susie Honaker-Wirzbicki on Twitter @SHWirzbicki for more scholarship opportunities! 

Scholarship brainstorming activity to do with family and friends:

Make a list of everywhere you do business; banks, credit unions, grocery stores, insurance companies, etc. List everywhere you or your family members work or from where they have retired. List all of your favorite activities (turkey hunting, fishing, photography, motocross, skateboarding, etc.). To what organizations do you or your family members belong (Elks, Rotary, NRA, Kiwanis, etc.)? What are your attributes (tall, left-handed, blue-eyed, Irish)? For every answer on that list do an internet search that says, "scholarship for _____________" and fill in the blank with each answer. Check the websites for all of the organizations and businesses. Almost everyone gives some type of scholarship, you just have to have the tenacity to look for them.

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Olympic College Scholarship Foundation  Multiple scholarships provided by Olympic College Foundation for students planning to attend Olympic College.  (ONGOING)  
South Puget Sound CC- Community Foundation Scholarships
 The 2021 Scholarship Cycle is now open and accepting applications.  Make sure to read the eligibility and criteria forms before submitting an application. If for any reason you are unable to submit an application online please contact us ASAP to make other arrangements. Contact us if you have any questions: (360) 705-3340 OR FINANCE @THECOMMUNITYFOUNDATION .COM
 Grays Harbor CC Foundation Scholarships  The Grays Harbor College Foundation offers two General Scholarship cycles per year to students attending GHC. The Fall Cycle awards are to be utilized in the current academic year and the Spring Cycle awards are to be utilized in the following academic year.  Students who meet eligibility requirements can receive up to $5,000 in scholarship awards per academic year.  (ONGOING)  
 Navigate Your Future Scholarship  For HS graduates continuing his or her education in the aviation industry.  6/25
Hood Canal Kiwanis Scholarship App
  • A student who is, or has been a resident of our Hood Canal Community, which for this purpose, is considered to be the attendance area of the Hood Canal School District.
  • A student who is or has been an active participant of the Shelton High School Key Club.
  • A student planning on attending an accredited trade or technical school.
 Do-Over Scholarship  In 250 words or less submit a response to the question: "If you could get one 'do-over' in life, what would it be and why?"  6/30
 Scholarship Poetry Contest- Fall Issue  Open to all US HS students.  Applicant must submit an original poem with 20 lines or less.  Up to $500  6/30
 Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest  Use your imagination to create Duck Tape prom fashions in either the "Dress" or "Tux" category for a chance to win $10,000  7/21
 ERCA Community Contribution
 For HS students who have recognized a need or problem in their community and have determined a way to address the issue.  7/26
 Flavor of the Month Scholarship  In 250 words or less, submit a response to the question: If you were an ice cream flavor, which would you be and why?  7/31
 Make Me Laugh Scholarship  In 250 words or less Describe an incident in your life, funny or embarrassing (fact or fiction), and make us laugh!  8/31 
 We the Future Contest  Open to K-12 students, college students, law school students, grad students, adults 25 years of age and older, and seniors 65 years of age and older. Each age group has different requirements, so applicants should visit website for details. Amount varies.  9/17
Don't Test and Drive Scholarship
 ($1,000) - Write a 140-character statement that completes this sentence: I pledge to not text and drive because…  9/30
 Scholarship Poetry Contest- Winter Issue  ($100-$500) - Applicant must submit an original poem with 20 lines or less.   9/30
 Shout it Out Scholarship  ($1,500) - In 250 words of less submit an online written response to the question: If you could say one thing to the entire world at once, what would it be and why?  9/30