Scholarship Info


Please check back frequently for updated information! Also, follow our counselor Susie Honaker-Wirzbicki on Twitter @SHWirzbicki for more scholarship opportunities! 

Scholarship brainstorming activity to do with family and friends:

Make a list of everywhere you do business; banks, credit unions, grocery stores, insurance companies, etc. List everywhere you or your family members work or from where they have retired. List all of your favorite activities (turkey hunting, fishing, photography, motocross, skateboarding, etc.). To what organizations do you or your family members belong (Elks, Rotary, NRA, Kiwanis, etc.)? What are your attributes (tall, left-handed, blue-eyed, Irish)? For every answer on that list do an internet search that says, "scholarship for _____________" and fill in the blank with each answer. Check the websites for all of the organizations and businesses. Almost everyone gives some type of scholarship, you just have to have the tenacity to look for them.

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 10 Words or Less Scholarship ($500) - In 10 words or less, say why you deserve the scholarship. 
 Education Matters ($5,000) In 250 words or less, submit a response to the question "What would you say to someone who thinks that education doesn't matter, or that college is a waste of time and money?"


Dell's Scholar Program  ($20,000) For students who have demonstrated grit, potential and ambition in their quest for a college education. 12/1
 National Honor Society  
  • Must be a current high school senior graduating with the class of 2021
  • Must be an active NHS member in good standing with a verified student account
  • Must be enrolled at a school with an active NHS chapter.  
  •  Must be planning to enroll at a U.S. college or university in Fall 2021
Scholastic Art & Writing Scholarship Art Award For 7-12th grade students.  Submit an original piece of art or writing.  ($500-$1,000)
 Community Health Professions Academy (CHPA)  Are you interested in dentistry, medicine, public health and other healthcare related careers.  Get insight into these fields with virtual hands on activities, public speaking skills, and receiving mentorship from current health professional students and providers.  Due to the pandemic, all sessions will take place on Zoom but students will receive hands on material via mail.    12/6