What is a RED CARD?
A Red Card is, literally, a red card given to you from the athletics office at SHS once you have turned in all of your paperwork and are confirmed eligible to turn out for a sport. Your Red Card is your ticket to practice. Coaches will not allow you to participate unless you give them your Red Card at practice. You will need one each time you turn out for a sport, even if you played that sport for SHS before.

Which form do I fill out IF I HAVE NEVER PLAYED a high school sport for SHS (in any grade 9-12)?
The first time you play a sport at the high school level, the NEW ATHLETE registration forms and an Emergency Medical Card form are completed. These forms are available in the Main Office at the high school, OBJH, and online.

I played a sport for SHS last year (or last season), which forms do I need to fill out and return?
If you played a sport for SHS (in any grade 9-12) the only form you need to fill out is the Emergency Medical Card. Please press firmly so all copies can be ready clearly.

If I filled out an emergency card for one sport, do I need to do it again that same school year?
Yes. The coaches get the emergency cards and we don't get them back for the next sport season. Each sport you turn out for will need a new emergency card completed, signed, and returned in order to get your Red Card and participate in practice.

Homeschool, CHOICE, and Out of District Transfer Students: Please bring a copy of your most current report card when registering at the SHS Office.

My doctor says I need a physical only once every two years, so does the doctor need to fill out the physical examination form each year?
No. Shelton School District requires a physical exam every two years for sports participation. For the year in between, the physician does not need to sign the physical exam form. NOTE: Your sports physical must not expire within your sport season (fall, winter, or spring). The beginning and end dates of each season are listed on the athletics homepage.

When are sport eligibility packets due?
ALL sport eligibility packets are due NO LATER THAN the school day prior to the first practice for that sport! Get your physical exam well before that date.

DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!!!! Registration forms handed in after the deadline could cause the student to miss the first day of practice. Most sports have a minimum number of practices before you can participate in a contest, so you may miss out on that first game if your forms are not handed in COMPLETE before the deadline. ATHLETES CAN START PRACTICING WHEN THE COMPLETED REGISTRATION FORMS ARE ON FILE IN THE ATHLETIC OFFICE!

Clearance Requirements:

  • All sport related fines must be paid
  • Purchase ASB Card (grades 10-12 need SHS ASB, grade 9 needs OBJH ASB) NOT REQUIRED FOR SUMMER ACTIVITIES
  • Pay sport participation fee SUSPENDED FOR CURRENT SCHOOL YEAR
  • Copy of Sports Physical from physician (physicals are good for 24 months BUT must not expire within your sport season)
  • Private medical insurance or purchase school time athletic insurance (Myers, Stephens & Toohey)
  • Completed athletic registration forms (for new athletes only)
  • Completed medical emergency form (for new and returning athletes)

Where do I hand in the sports eligibility packets?
Hand the form directly to Heather Mullins, ASB & Athletics Administrative Assistant, in the SHS Main Office, not in her mailbox, not under her door. You run the risk of not having the form complete and then not practicing. Many people miss signatures etc. By handing the forms directly to Ms. Mullins, she can find errors quickly, cutting down on the problem of athletes not practicing because forms were not completed. Do not try to turn in your paperwork to a coach. They will not accept it.

Where and when do I pay for my ASB card?
ALL athletic participants are required to buy ASB Card ($35 10-12th grades, $20 9th grade). Make checks payable to SHS. If you need financial assistance, contact the Counseling Office at SHS, 360-426-4471 or the OBJH counselors for 9th graders.

How do I find out more about my sport before the season begins?
SHS sports information is available on the SSD website. Many SHS sports have informal practices over the summer as well as skill camp opportunities. .

During the school year, for information about sports, listen for the Daily Bulletin read over the PA during the school day. The Daily Bulletin is also posted outside the Main Office and accessible on the SSD website. In addition, coaches usually have pre-season meeting before the sport begins; attendance is strongly recommended.

For incoming 9th graders, all Fall coaches will gather at the Middle School at lunchtime, in early June. This is a time to ask questions, get on an email/phone list for contact over the summer, and pick up initial eligibility packets. Information on summer sport activities will also be available at this Coaches' Forum.

Still have questions?
E-mail Heather Mullins, ASB & Athletic Administrative Assistant, hmullins@sheltonschools.org or call 360-426-4471.