Freshman Academy

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  • Provide an effective transition for students entering 9th grade.
  • Provide appropriate tiered interventions for all students based on data analysis of attendance, behavior, and grades.
  • Provide guided opportunities for students to explore multiple career content areas prior to picking an academy.
  • Provide opportunities for students to interact with community members in meaningful ways.
  • Provide opportunities for families to interact with academy staff and receive supports based on their parenting needs.



  • Every freshman student will take a "sampler pack" of elective courses designed to expose them to opportunities in the different academies.
  • Students will use a new interactive career exploration tool, YouScience, that will help them explore career interests. YouScience is cumulative and adaptive to students' changing interests throughout their high school time.
  • Students will attend the Career Expo including guided activities with vendors and information sessions.


  • Career Expo
  • Financial Reality Fair
  • Career Cafes
  • Guest Speakers 


A 9th grader who is on-track with their credits is four times more likely to graduate from high school than an off-track student?

More than 93% of students with a B average or better in their freshman year graduate?