Job Shadow

Job shadowing is an academically motivated educational activity dedicated to giving students an up-close look at the world of work. This program gives young people a chance to see how the skills learned in school relate to the world of work by“shadowing” a workplace mentor as he or she goes through a normal day on the job.

The job shadowing forms below outline the program and provide students with the requirements and questions they will ask of their workplace host. Also included is the parent/guardian permission form and evaluation for the job shadow host to fill out in order to help us evaluate this experience. An important part of this process is for students to research career opportunities in Shelton and the surrounding communities as a major step in deciding upon a business to job shadow.

All students are required to complete this activity by January of their Senior year. The job shadow forms will be included in the senior portfolio, and the experience will be shared during the senior presentation. As such, we encourage students to contact businesses throughout the school year and summer vacation. Students will not be permitted to miss school to complete their job shadow.

Here are some key points/things to know:

  • Students are introduced to the job shadow requirement January of their Junior year, they have 1 year to complete it.

  • The Job shadow has replaced the 20 hours of community service requirement that many districts still require. There is not an alternative to completing the job shadow.

  • The job shadow is a second trimester graded assignment for seniors. The expectation is that they explore their options and make connections during the spring of their junior year so they can arrange to complete their job shadow before January of their senior year.

  • Students cannot miss school to complete their job shadow (yes, I check). However, the time (4 hours) may be split. This often happens with students interested in education - they will shadow an elementary teacher for 1 hour after school over the course of 4 days (this may even be 1 hour/week for 4 weeks).

  • It is suggested that students arrange to complete their job shadow during any of the school breaks including summer break between junior & senior year and PLC days.

  • Students need to submit their Job shadow parent/guardian permission form and job shadow day registration form to their Advisory teacher, for approval, prior to doing their job shadow.

  • Many of the local businesses are aware of the job shadow requirement and are willing to host students. I would suggest using the business directory search on the Shelton mason County Chamber of Commerce website: